PCD Form Tools

Recent years have seen the adoption of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) form tools in many new applications. Characterised by their free cutting ability and long life they are especially used in the wood work, plastic, automotive and aerospace industries. PCD is now the first choice for machining materials such as MDF, laminated chipboards and many of the glass filled epoxy resins, silica aluminium castings and MMCs. Hamilton Lichfield manufacture a complete range of these tools the great majority of which are to customers' specific requirements. The following notes offer a guide to the choice of tools available and to our standard products.

PCD and PCBN ISO Tipped Inserts

Many modern materials such as high silicon aluminiums, glass filled epoxy resins and even some hardened steels may now be machined utilising the enormous benefits of polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride superabrasives. In order to make these superabrasive cutting materials more 'user friendly', Hamilton Lichfield manufacture tipped inserts which are interchangeable with the conventional ISO range of tungsten carbide and ceramic cutting inserts now found in most machining environments. Therefore, whenever a change of workpiece may dictate the use of superabrasives the appropriately tipped PCD/PCBN insert may now simply be fitted to the current toolholders, with minimum machine downtime.

Diamond Tipped Twist Drills

These drills are making a large impact in the Aerospace and Automative industries where carbon fibres, silica glass resins and metal matrix composites are widely used. The full-helix, PCD drill offers a tool life of between 10 and 50 times that of conventional carbide equivalents when drilling abrasive non-ferrous high strength materials. This extended life, together with increased machining speeds and feeds will lead to substantial increases in productivity and reduced machine downtime. Significant additional benefits are consistent surface finishes and the maintenance of tight size tolerances over the whole working life of the tool

Single Point Dressing Tools

Hamilton Lichfield manufacture a wide range of Single Point Dressing (S.P.D.) tools to suit every possible application and compliment this by offering a rapid resetting service for used Dressers. The diamonds used fall into one of two quality bands, General (G) and Precision (P). A General quality diamond will have points which are slightly more rounded than those on Precision quality stones. They may also contain flaws or defects although these will be away from the dressing point. 'G' quality Dressers are suitable for almost all workshop use, 'P' quality Dressers need only be specified when a very sharp point is required for fine dressing.

Impregnated Cluster Tools

Randomly impregnated diamond cluster tools have proven their cost effectiveness in the truing and dressing of abrasive wheels for many years. However, although far from a new concept, the continued development of diamond and bond combinations has meant that the impregnated tool still has an important role to play in modern grinding. It is particularly effective for the more severe and dimensionally less demanding applications. Hamilton Lichfield manufacture a range of these tools which have been designed to cope with a variety of common dressing operations where they supersede the traditional single point dressing tools.



Multipoint Cluster Tools

Hand-set multipoint diamond cluster tools are manufactured in many differing shapes and sizes to cater for a variety of applications ranging from general machine shop usage to precision grinding. The Hamilton Lichfield range is detailed in the data sheet, however this only represents a selection of the most commonly used types, any variation or special tool can be manufactured on request.

Precision Blade Dressing Tool

Hamilton Lichfield manufacture a well proven range of Precision Blade (PB) and Precision Needle Blade (PNB) tools which may be used on all straight pass and all but the most exacting profile dressing operations. These tools have been shown to provide considerable cost savings over conventional tooling such as expensive chisel tools, both in initial cost and in machine down times.

Synthetic Diamond Dressing Tools

Tooling containing the latest dressing materials to answer today's precision grinding problems:


  1. Monodress (Monocrystalline Synthetic Diamond)
  2. CVD (Synthetic diamond by Chemical Vapour Deposition)
  3. TSP (Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond)

Available in most dresser designs.

Diamond Wear Parts

Historically diamond wear parts were manufactured using natural or synthetic grit diamond, sintered into heavy metal matrix. The development of PCD has enabled us to produce work rest blades, V blocks and bearing faces from this new super hard diamond product.