Single Point Dressing

Hamilton Lichfield manufacture a wide range of Single Point Dressing (S.P.D.) tools to suit every possible application and compliment this by offering a rapid resetting service for used Dressers. The diamonds used fall into one of two quality bands, General (G) and Precision (P). A General quality diamond will have points which are slightly more rounded than those on Precision quality stones. They may also contain flaws or defects although these will be away from the dressing point. 'G' quality Dressers are suitable for almost all workshop use, 'P' quality Dressers need only be specified when a very sharp point is required for fine dressing.

The two quality bands are further sub-divided according to the number of available setting points a stone may have; for example: a 'G3' Dresser will be a general quality dressing tool with 2 points available for reset plus the original point when the tool is supplied new.


Price Per Tool Weight G-5 G-4 G-3 G-2 G-1
0.25 G5-025 G4-025 G3-025 G2-025 G1-025
0.35 G5-035 G4-035 G3-035 G2-035 G1-035
0.50 G5-050 G4-050 G3-050 G2-050 G1-050
0.75 G5-075 G4-075 G3-075 G2-075 G1-075
1.00 G5-100 G4-100 G3-100 G2-100 G1-100
Price Per Carat 1.05-1.50 G5-125 G4-125 G3-125 G2-125 G1-125
1.55-2.00 G5-175 G4-175 G3-175 G2-175 G1-175
2.05-2.50 G5-225 G4-225 G3-225 G2-225 G1-225
2.55-3.00 G5-275 G4-275 G3-275 G2-275 G1-275
3.05-3.50 G5-325 G4-325 G3-325 G2-325 G1-325
3.55-4.00 G5-375 G4-375 G3-375 G2-375 G1-375
4.05-5.00 G5-450 G4-450 G3-450 G2-450 G1-450
5.05-6.00 G5-550 G4-550 G3-550 G2-550 G1-550

Note: for consumable dressers specify G1 series  



Price Per Tool Weight P-5 P-4 P-3 P-2 P-1
0.25 P5-025 P4-025 P3-025 P2-025 P1-025
0.35 P5-035 P4-035 P3-035 P2-035 P1-035
0.50 P5-050 P4-050 P3-050 P2-050 P1-050
0.75 P5-075 P4-075 P3-075 P2-075 P1-075
1.00 P5-100 P4-100 P3-100 P2-100 P1-100
Price Per Carat 1.05-1.50 P5-125 P4-125 P3-125 P2-125 P1-125
1.55-2.00 P5-175 P4-175 P3-175 P2-175 P1-175
2.05-2.50 P5-225 P4-225 P3-225 P2-225 P1-225
2.55-3.00 P5-275 P4-275 P3-275 P2-275 P1-275
3.05-3.50 P5-325 P4-325 P3-325 P2-325 P1-325
3.55-4.00 P5-375 P4-375 P3-375 P2-375 P1-375
4.05-5.00 P5-450 P4-450 P3-450 P2-450 P1-450
5.05-6.00 P5-550 P4-550 P3-550 P2-550 P1-550

Apart from the diamond quality and weight we also need the dimensions of the finished tool. The sketches below show the most common types of S.P.D. tool shanks. You can use the information shown to order tools. If the shank required is not shown please telephone to discuss your requirements - any style of shank can be produced.

Order Example:-

To order a 1.0 carat G quality tool with 3 points (2 resets) with straight shank 12mm diameter 50mm long; order as follows:

1 off - S.P.D Tool. Product code G3-100. Straight Shank 'D' dia. 12mm 'L' 50mm.


Hamilton Lichfield also manufacture a range of TSP (Thermally Stable Polycrystalline diamond) dressers which are particularly useful for the softer Aluminium Oxide wheels (J,K,L hardness). These dressers work on the constant contact area principle, unlike the conventional tool, and rely on the polycrystalline nature of the material to provide a continual supply of new micro dressing points.


In practice and under the correct conditions, these dressers are extremely economical and have the virtue of consistent repeatability, being a man-made material. Whereas natural diamonds are specified by weight, having regard to the wheel size to be dressed, TSP tools are matched to the wheel by cross-sectional area.

Currently, three sizes of TSP dressers are offered, as listed in the table below, but for larger wheels and applications such as angle head grinding, TSP diamonds may be incorporated in a variety of patterns in many styles of blade cluster tools.

We are always happy to provide advice and trial tooling for likely applications for these tools.

TSP Dresser Product Codes

Length of Diamond
TSP1 0.8 * 0.8 mm 5mm
TSP2 1.1*1.1 mm 5mm
TSP3 1.5 * 1.5 mm 5mm


Standard TSP Diamond Dressing Tool

When ordering please specify Tool Code and Shank Dimensions.